Chilli Jams, Pickles and Sauces:

Hungarian Hot Wax Chilli Jam (mild)

Chilli Jam with Garlic (medium)

Pickled Chillis – ONLY 1 LEFT! (Small jar)

Chilli Tomato Sauce (v.mild)

Chilli Tomato Sauce (medium)

Green Chilli Tomato Sauce (medium)

Green Tomato Chilli Sauce (medium)


Roasted Capsicum & Tomato Chutney (Large jars only)

Roasted Capsicum & Eggplant Chutney (Squat jars only)

Roasted Eggplant & Tomato Chutney (Squat and Jumbo jars only)

Chilli Mango Chutney (Jumbo jars only)


Pasta Sauce (Jumbo jars only) – ONLY 1 LEFT!


Bread & Butter Zucchini Pickles (Large jars only)


Mandarine Marmalade – ONLY 2 LEFT! (Small jars)

Orange Marmalade (Large jars only)

Cumquat Marmalade (Small and Large jars)

Tangelo Marmalade – ONLY 1 LEFT! (Large jar)

Lime Marmalade (Small and Large jars)

Reserve Marmalades:

Lime Marmalade with Four Pillars Gin (Small jars only)


Strawberry and Lime Jam (Small jars only)

Blueberry and Apple Jam (Large jars only)

Stonefruit Jam – ONLY 2 LEFT! (Small jars)

Rosella and Banana Jam – ONLY 1 LEFT! (Large jar)

Banana, Pear and Apple Jam (Small jars only)

Spiced Apple Jam (Small and Large jars)


Cherry and Blueberry Jelly – ONLY 1 LEFT! (Small jar)

Mulberry and Apple Jelly (Small jars only)

Lemonade Jelly (Small jars only)

Tangelo Jelly (Small and Large jars)

Mandarine Jelly (Small jars only)

Sweet Ruby Grapefruit Jelly (Small jars only)

Ruby Grapefruit Jelly (Small jars only)

Bottled Fruit:

Spiced Pears (Large and Jumbo jars)


Lemon and Ginger Cordial


Gift size jams (2x Strawberry, 1x Blueberry, 2x Mulberry and Apple) – 50% OFF! NOW ONLY $1.5 each or 5 for $6!

Strawberry Jam (Large jars) – 50% OFF! NOW ONLY $4!

Strawberry and Apple Jam (Small jar) – 50% OFF! NOW ONLY $3!

Blueberry and Apple Jam (Large jar) – 50% OFF! NOW ONLY $4!

Orange and Banana Jam (Small jars) – 50% OFF! NOW ONLY $3!

Nectarine Jam (Small and Large jars) – 50% OFF! NOW ONLY $3 or $4!

Mulberry and Apple Jam (Small jars) – 50% OFF! NOW ONLY $3!

Passionfruit and Apple Jelly (Small jar) – 50% OFF! NOW ONLY $3!

Lemon Jelly (Small jars) – 50% OFF! NOW ONLY $3!

Low-sugar Ruby Grapefruit Marmalade (Small and Large jars) – 50% OFF! NOW ONLY $3 or $4!

Ruby Grapefruit Jelly (Small jar) – 25% OFF! NOW ONLY $4.5!

Spiced Pears (Large jars) – 50% OFF! NOW ONLY $4!

Spiced White Peaches (Large jars) – 50% OFF! NOW ONLY $4!

Pickled Green Tomatoes – 50% OFF! NOW ONLY $3!


Cheese Platter/Gift-size (45ml) jar – $3ea or 3 for $8

Small (250ml) jars – $6.00

Squat Chutney/Relish (300ml) jars – $7.00

Large (375ml) jars and Sauce bottles – $8.00

Jumbo pears (500ml) jars – $10.00

Reserve Marmalades (250ml) jars – $12.00

Jumbo chutneys and sauces (500ml) jars – $12.00

Chilli jam (250ml) – $12.00

Availabilities will change with the seasons.

Delivery is $3 for anywhere in the Greater Brisbane (Brisbane, Logan, Redlands, Moreton, Ipswich), $5 for Sunshine Coast and Hinterland, Gold Coast and Hinterland, Lockyer Valley, Somerset and Scenic Rim. Beyond that, a personal quote will be sought from a courier. Free delivery if you have produce to exchange.